Quilt expert to address Historical Society

The next meeting of the Trousdale County Historical Society will feature Anne Ramsey, a professional textile specialist. Ramsey studies old fabrics and also restores and mends antique clothing and textiles.

One of her many skills is mending old patchwork quilts.

And thanks to that talent, Anne has developed an interest and love for those antique pieces of the past. She has, thanks to her curiosity, found that each quilt has its own story – a story she often researches and shares with others.

In fact, she has worked on quilts and clothing associated with Trousdale County. She has researched the Rev. Carr quilt now on display at the Upper Room Museum in Nashville, and restored and prepared several items of clothing from the Coleman Winston family. Those articles of clothing are on display at our County Archives.Ramsey will be speaking to the group on her job in textile restoration, but she will also discuss some of the unique quilts she has come across over her 40 years in the profession.

In a biography that she provided, Ramsey gives us some insight into her love for quilts. “I view quilts, not just as objects of comfort or warmth, but also as storytellers… quilts and their stories can open our eyes and our hearts to see that a quilt is more than a functional bedcover.”

All Historical Society meetings are open to the public and readers are invited to attend Saturday’s meeting and enjoy Ramsey’s presentation.

The meeting will be on Saturday, March 11 at 2 p.m. in the County Archives building, located behind the new Administrative Offices building at 328 Broadway (across from Sonic).


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