Intelligent dual-display controller for Serato DJ.

Numark NV reimagines the hardware-software experience for the professional DJ. At the heart of NV’s sleek, compact chassis is a set of 4.3-inch full-color screens that provide 1:1, real-time feedback of Serato DJ; complete with spinning Virtual Decks, effects (FX), Cue points, waveforms and more. DJs can perform with the laptop closed or out of sight without sacrificing functionality and experience the best of the Serato DJ software experience within critically acclaimed Numark hardware.

Providing four decks of dynamic control, NV’s screens also provide library navigation and detailed waveforms respective to each deck. Need to load a new song on deck 4 while monitoring the waveforms on deck 1? Easy. NV gives you the info you need on command. Even better, eye travel from the laptop screen to the controller is eliminated for seamless operation.

Focus on the music, not the computer. Numark embedded feedback of Serato DJ right into a world-class control surface. Eye travel from your laptop to hardware is eliminated, and you retain all critical feedback elements of 4 independent Serato DJ decks including track status, waveforms, song navigation, effects, hot cues and more.

Numark’s knobs go way beyond a twist. Give them a touch and they react immediately. Give them a twist and carve out your signature sound. Or, use a combination of both for jaw-dropping filter sweeps, FX combinations, and EQ kills. The possibilities are truly endless.

Manipulate up to 6 simultaneous FX on each channel including the master channel. FX controls are capacitive, delivering jaw-dropping capabilities with a simple touch, twist, or both. Serato DJ puts 12 professional-grade iZotope FX at your fingertips.

Each trigger pad responds to dynamics, providing unmatched feel when triggering samples, setting loops, triggering hot-cues or slicing tracks. 10 pad modes provide the tools you need to remix on the fly and take music to uncharted territory.

Each channel features a big, fat, precision Filter control with touch-activation. 3 modes give you all-new creative possibilities: Filter, Filter FX and Filter Roll.

NV’s all-new dual-zone wheels deliver uncanny response. Under-the-hood, they adapt to your environment for reliable performance every night – regardless of the humidity or temperature swings at the venue.

Manage your samples, loops and cues with ease. Modes: Hot Cue, Hot Cue Auto-Loop, Auto-Loop, Loop Roll, Manual Loops, Saved Loops, Sampler, Velocity Trigger Sampler, Slicer, and Slicer Loop mode.

Execute advanced mixes or keep several track options at the ready with 4 decks of control. NV’s layout makes is refreshing, making multitasking easy so you can focus on the art. Even more, NV’s built-in screens react independently to each deck for “always aware” capability never before experienced.

Remix with the sounds of the world’s premier electronic music label. NV gives you exclusive access to download studio-grade audio stems from Toolroom Records’ catalog, allowing you the freedom to layer, tweak and chop today’s most relevant sonic textures.

  • Integrated displays let you focus on the music, not the computer
  • Full-color, 1:1 real-time visualization of Serato DJ software
  • Intelligent, touch-activated EQ, filter and effects knobs
  • Groundbreaking effects tweaking, EQ kills, and filter sweeps
  • 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with backlit RGB feedback
  • Plug and play with Serato DJ (included) – no purchase necessary
  • 4 decks of cutting-edge Serato DJ control
  • 10 pad modes for triggering samples, cues, loops, and slicing
  • 2 dual-zone wheels with adaptive touch technology
  • Includes Toolroom Records Remix Packs
  • Toolroom Records Remix Pack features audio stems from the world’s premier dance music label

Defects in next-generation solar cells can be healed with light


Researchers have shown that defects in the molecular structure of perovskites – a material which could revolutionise the solar cell industry – can be “healed” by exposing it to light and just the right amount of humidity. The international team of researchers demonstrated in 2016 that defects in the crystalline structure of perovskites could be healed by exposing them to light, but the effects were temporary.

Now, an expanded team, from Cambridge, MIT, Oxford, Bath and Delft, have shown that these defects can be permanently healed, which could further accelerate the development of cheap, high-performance perovskite-based solar cells that rival the efficiency of silicon. Their results are reported in the inaugural edition of the journal Joule, published by Cell Press.

Most solar cells on the market today are silicon-based, but since they are expensive and energy-intensive to produce, researchers have been searching for alternative materials for solar cells and other photovoltaics. Perovskites are perhaps the most promising of these alternatives: they are cheap and easy to produce, and in just a few short years of development, perovskites have become almost as efficient as silicon at converting sunlight into electricity.

Despite the potential of perovskites, some limitations have hampered their efficiency and consistency. Tiny defects in the crystalline structure of perovskites, called traps, can cause electrons to get “stuck” before their energy can be harnessed. The easier that electrons can move around in a solar cell (for example: SUNJACK 20W PORTABLE SOLAR CHARGER ) material, the more efficient that material will be at converting photons, particles of light, into electricity.

“In perovskite solar cells and LEDs, you tend to lose a lot of efficiency through defects,” said Dr Sam Stranks, who led the research while he was a Marie Curie Fellow jointly at MIT and Cambridge. “We want to know the origins of the defects so that we can eliminate them and make perovskites more efficient.”

In a 2016 paper, Stranks and his colleagues found that when perovskites were exposed to illumination, iodide ions – atoms stripped of an electron so that they carry an electric charge – migrated away from the illuminated region, and in the process swept away most of the defects in that region along with them. However, these effects, while promising, were temporary because the ions migrated back to similar positions when the light was removed.

In the new study, the team made a perovskite-based device, printed using techniques compatible with scalable roll-to-roll processes, but before the device was completed, they exposed it to light, oxygen and humidity. Perovskites often start to degrade when exposed to humidity, but the team found that when humidity levels were between 40 and 50 percent, and the exposure was limited to 30 minutes, degradation did not occur. Once the exposure was complete, the remaining layers were deposited to finish the device.

When the light was applied, electrons bound with oxygen, forming a superoxide that could very effectively bind to electron traps and prevent these traps from hindering electrons. In the accompanying presence of water, the perovskite surface also gets converted to a protective shell. The shell coating removes traps from the surfaces but also locks in the superoxide, meaning that the performance improvements in the perovskites are now long-lived.

“It’s counter-intuitive, but applying humidity and light makes the perovskite solar cells more luminescent, a property which is extremely important if you want efficient solar cells,” said Stranks, who is now based at Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory.

“We’ve seen an increase in luminescence efficiency from one percent to 89 percent, and we think we could get it all the way to 100 percent, which means we could have no voltage loss – but there’s still a lot of work to be done.”

Which solar charge controller: PWM or MPPT?


1. What they do

The PWM controller is in essence a switch that connects a solar array to a battery. The result is that the voltage of the array will be pulled down to near that of the battery.

The MPPT controller ( for example: Renogy MPPT charge controller) is more sophisticated (and more expensive): it will adjust its input voltage to harvest the maximum power from the solar array and then transform this power to supply the varying voltage requirement, of the battery plus load. Thus, it essentially decouples the array and battery voltages so that there can be, for example, a 12 volt battery on one side of the MPPT charge controller and a large number of cells wired in series to produce 36 volts on the other.

The resultant twin strengths of an MPPT controller

a)       Maximum Power Point Tracking
The MPPT controller will harvest more power from the solar array. The performance advantage is substantial (10% to 40%) when the solar cell temperature is low (below 45°C), or very high (above 75°C), or when irradiance is very low.

At high temperature or low irradiance the output voltage of the array will drop dramatically. More cells must then be connected in series to make sure that the output voltage of the array exceeds battery voltage by a comfortable margin.

b)       Lower cabling cost and/or lower cabling losses
Ohm’s law tells us that losses due to cable resistance are Pc (Watt) = Rc x I², where Rc is the resistance of the cable. What this formula shows is that for a given cable loss, cable cross sectional area can be reduced by a factor of four when doubling the array voltage.

In the case of a given nominal power, more cells in series will increase the output voltage and reduce the output current of the array (P = V x I, thus, if P doesn’t change, then I must decrease when V increases).

As array size increases, cable length will increase. The option to wire more panels in series and thereby decrease the cable cross sectional area with a resultant drop in cost, is a compelling reason to install an MPPT controller as soon as the array power exceeds a few hundred Watts (12 V battery), or several 100s of Watts (24 V or 48 V battery).

3. Conclusion


The PWM charge controller is a good low cost solution for small systems only, when solar cell temperature is moderate to high (between 45°C and 75°C).


To fully exploit the potential of the MPPT controller, the array voltage should be substantially higher than the battery voltage. The MPPT controller is the solution of choice for higher power systems (because of the lowest overall system cost due to smaller cable cross sectional areas). The MPPT controller will also harvest substantially more power when the solar cell temperature is low (below 45°C), or very high (above 75°C), or when irradiance is very low.

What we need is a dog friendly resort for the summer!

dog friendly beaches florida panhandle

Cape San Blas, Florida, is among the several remaining undeveloped treasures that shines brilliantly about the ring of shores that work across the shoreline of Florida. Unlike her more developed sibling shores in Panama City, Destin, along with other Panhandle places, the Cape is usually named “The Forgotten Coast,” since while all of the development was happening in additional seaside towns, the Cape was remaining perfect and mostly unchanged. Your dog-legged formed peninsula, Cape San Blas stretches out of the mainland in the region of Port St. Joe, Florida, a little neighborhood where the Florida structure was created.

While you abandon the mainland, the very first portion of the Cape runs east and northwest. While you move the historic Cape San Blas house rentals along with a place referred to as Stump Pit, the landmass makes a change, and also the remaining 15 approximate kilometers operate north south. This part of the Cape can also be occasionally referred to as vacation rentals Cape San Blas. In the upper end-of the Cape may be the St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, including more than 2,500 miles of stunning pristine shores, stunning dunes, and wilderness. In the very suggestion of the Cape is just a common place for individuals to-go by vessel for family excursions of shelling and picnics.

Like a Florida indigenous, I am fussy about my shores. This is exactly why I’d a “delay and find out” perspective when my spouse prepared our first family trip towards the Cape San Blas region in 1997. Like a Florida County indigenous, for whatever reason I’d never heard about dog friendly beaches gulf coast, Port St. Joe, or Beach Region — that “Ignored Coast” name again. Whenever we came, nevertheless, I had been immediately in deep love with the region and understood I’d return over and over. And that’s precisely what we’ve completed. Our kids have become up paying summers about the Cape and we invest just as much time there once we could.

Exactly why is the Cape therefore unique? When you generate into Port St. Joe, you keep behind the hustle and bustle that’s therefore much part of Florida today. About the peninsula there are lots of issues you will not find: No high rise structures, no huge condo things, no imposing resorts, no centers, no cinemas, no traffic, no sound with no crowds! What you should discover are stunning shores, beautiful sunsets, perfect Cape San Blas Florida vacation rentals, the fantastic seas of the Gulf, pelicans, dolphin, shelling plus much more.

What’s there to complete? About the Cape, reconnecting along with your household and character are number one actions. You might want to simply invest per week throwing back about the beach, reading publications, fishing in the beach, obtaining a bronze, gathering covers or playing horseshoes. Plenty of households just do that, plus they state actually children discover the Cape an excellent spot to rest and relax.

More the energetic kind? About the Cape, you are able to get horse riding about the seaside, have a canoe out within the gulf or bay, learn to scallop, move offshore to get a morning of getting grouper and red camera, head-over to St. Vincentis Organic Wildlife Sanctuary on the water taxi, vacation to Apalachicola acquire some oysters or higher to vacation rentals Cape San Blas FL to Wreck Island Waterpark. This site with Cape San Blas details about nearby companies and things you can do can get you began on hiring ships, where you can consume, tennis, seafood and much more.

If you’re buying holiday spot where the only real sound may be the audio of the seagulls, the search, as well as your youngsters’ fun, the Cape might be for you personally.

Your kid’s home away from home


Child-care facilities are now among the many effective companies which have developed being an industry today. Today you’ll observe a lot of child-care facilities and systems which have developed plus some of these are operating effectively. It’s not all day-care center that starts up may endure and start to become a lucrative company. There are some severe effort and commitment needed to be able to allow it to be an effective company.

You need to know exactly what the capabilities are or exactly what the reason for (DCCis) day-care facilities is. (CCCis) child-care facilities are a location where parents fall their kids or babies to some school-like Supervised Child Visitation Services to ensure that their kids could be in a secure atmosphere and also have an appropriate interest in it.

There’s no particular restriction for kids to go to facilities but often all of the kids in the middle are often of the exact same age bracket. The goal of kids would be to invest your day in the DCC using the guidance of academics and day-care center team.

There are many kinds of a day-care center for kids who are able, to begin with, toddler day-care center to Montessori and also the standard DCC. Beginning with the toddler day-care center the kids are very tiny plus they are cared for and taken care from the team of the DCC. Often the team needs to take care of the babies to provide them food promptly and alter their garments when they get filthy at all.

This is actually the hardest work to maintain the babies because they often cry and start to become frustrating in the same period. The babies are often in various emotions plus some often irritate plus some do not. Another CCCis is Montessori where the kids attend like a pre-school. Below the kids are arranged in courses and trained alphabets and figures plus they are let to attract and shade issues as well. You need to select a great Montessori for the kid since below the kid may discover all of the fundamental issues before entering college.

In case your kid may distribute from the great Montessori he/she may have a great fundamental history of the required issues they’ve to understand before entering college and also the kid won’t be anxious or timid as he’ll not be a newcomer to the classroom atmosphere.

Deciding on the best CCCis is just a frantic work for parents because they are puzzled and concerned if the youngster will the best location or not and certainly will the kid be secure within the atmosphere. To be able to create oneself confident with these specific things you need to examine the CCCis oneself or go to the greatest child-care community inside your town and also have a browse around of which kind of amenities do they offer to kids.

You are able to sort through papers and publications or pick the renowned CCCis inside your Supervised Child Visitation Services Everett in the event that you encounter any difficulties selecting them.

Fore more information use Google or any other search engine system as it will be easier to find a solution to the problem if you try to do a little research by yourself.Keep asking the questions until you get the right answer and from there you can find a better way to close the deal.

What it take to repair a roof?

roof repair bronx ny

Gone are the times when finding a damaged roof fixed was a Herculean job, and was convinced to give folks many a slumber less nighttime. Today yet, instead of being forced to be concerned about obtaining the roof fixed, a lot of folks find themselves spending many a slumber less nighttime locating the ‘right roof repair contractor’ for doing the work.

Now, one may wonder, what makes making a roof repair Bronx NY contractor this kind of serious occupation. Well, the solution is easy. Each roof repair contractor has his own ability and fashion of fixing the roof that sets him apart in the others. The truth is you could state that a number of options you’ve got while choosing the roof repair contractor, are as varied as how many options you’ve got while choosing the roof for you personally house. Additionally, as your option depends substantially on the type of the roof which you should get fixed, choosing a great roof repair contractor on your own could be a Herculean undertaking.

This can be especially true in the event that you should get your roof fixed promptly. In the event, the damage caused to the roof is an extreme one, for example, a flow, and also you desire to get it fixed when you are able to, you might possess a fairly rough time getting the roof fixed. Nevertheless, in case your roof isn’t too severely damaged, you are able to afford to invest some time doing your research and checking on the possible contractors.

This is why everyone should be careful about making this decision otherwise one can be easily mistaken and make the mistake over and over again. For more information use Google or any other search engine system as it will be easier to find a solution to the problem if you try to do a little research by yourself sometimes.

In case your roof must be fixed promptly, you better be ready to discover your roof repair contractor charging you a premium for the occupation. This can be clear, because only like getting any job done fast, even finding a roof fixed immediately will certainly run you more. Thus, it is crucial that you consider every one of the benefits and drawbacks before hand, and judge carefully in case you must get your roof fixed at an urgent notice, or in the event that it is possible to do without one. Handling your requirements along with your contractor’s program could lessen your prices.

When you’re buying roof repair contractor, attempt to locate yourself one who has enough expertise working using the exact same stuff as the materials found on the roof which you need to get fixed. It is because different forms of roofing material must be fixed and dealt with otherwise. The truth is it’s not unusual to determine a roof repair contractors refusing to repair a specific sort of roof because he’s accustomed to fixing a specific type of roof just. As an example, to get a roof repair contractor who comes with the fixing of roofs of composite shingles, fixing a roof of tiles or wood shingles are often quite hard a job. We have to remember that different forms of roofing materials have to be dealt with otherwise, plus they frequently need different adhesives or in fact even an alternate variety of tools when they’ve been to be installed or fixed.

Nevertheless, you’ll find times when individuals find it almost impossible to get roof repair contractors who could work depending on the required program, inside certain time period. For instance, in case there’s been a serious thunderstorm or such a weather condition in a specific place which is really capable of ruining the roofs of several houses, then the excessive interest in roof repair contractors in precisely the same time, make finding a roof repair contractor tough for some time. In such circumstances, it is wise which you request the contractor to take out a while, and at the very least install tarps, or any make these temporary repair to be able to stop the leakage issues etc for some time till they have been free to make do the long-term repair occupation.

Put Your Money Where Your Marketing Is


It wasn’t all that long ago that marketing experts were telling their clients that the Great Recession created great opportunities for companies brave enough to increase their investments in marketing.

So, why are companies doing exactly the opposite now that the economy is well into its recovery? The answer, it seems, is found in the shift to digital-marketing strategies.

Academic research dating back to the 1920s shows that companies which muscle-up advertising costs during recessionary times post sales gains when the economy bounces back. It makes sense, then, that marketing dollars stretch further when there’s less competition for advertising venues and less noise in the marketplace.

Gartner’s annual marketing survey found that marketing budgets for 2017 are expected to increase, compared to 2016. Chief marketing officers surveyed by Gartner said their organizations expected to invest 12 percent of their respective company revenues in marketing during 2017, up from 11 percent this year. (The full study is here; a subscription is required.)

It’s worth remembering that we’re eight years into the economic recovery. While the economy’s growth hasn’t been great, it’s been on a slow-and-steady upward path for a long time.

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